Professional Work - TV Production

Atomic Cartoons

While at Atomic Cartoons, my main role was 3D Artist/Matte Painter on the show Little Charmers for Spin Master.  Here's some examples of the work I did.  I worked on everything from sets, to props, to even characters. Here's an example of some of the work I contributed too.

Also while at Atomic, I have contributed to a number of other shows, by doing 3D models for productions, pitches, and 2D character and environment design.

  • Pirate Express - Modeled 2 pirate ships in 3D, for use in Harmony
  • Five Alarm Funk - 2D Background mattes for music video
  • Unannounced Marvel Production - Provided character designs
  • Unannounced Project #1 - Character, and environment designs
  • Unannounced Project #2 - Environment designs